Air & soil sensors: elementary additions to the machine-driven solfa syllable

rm, these sensors would modify a time period understanding of current farm, forest, or body of water conditions.

Livestock biometrics: Collars with GPS, RFID and bioscience will mechanically establish and relay very important info regarding the placental mammal in the time period.

Crop sensors: rather than prescribing field fertilization before application, high-resolution crop sensors inform application instrumentality of correct amounts required.


Genetically designed food: The creation of entirely new strains of food animals and plants so as to higher address biological and physiological wants.

In vitro meat: conjointly referred to as civilized meat or tube cut, it’s a fresh product that has ne’er been a part of an entire, living animal.


Variable-rate swath control: Building on existing geolocation technologies, future swath management might save on seed, minerals, chemicals and herbicides by reducing overlapping inputs. By pre-computing the form of the sector wherever the inputs are to be used, and by understanding the relative productivity of various areas of the sector, tractors or abbots will procedurally apply inputs at variable rates throughout the sector.


Closed ecological systems: Ecosystems that don’t have faith in matter exchange outside the system. Such closed ecosystems would on paper rework waste merchandise into chemical elements, food and water so as to support life-forms inhabiting the system. Such systems exist already on tiny scales; however, existing technological limitations forestall them from scaling.

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is regarding programming biology victimization standardized components mutually programs computers victimization standardized libraries these days. Includes the broad definition and growth of biotechnology, with the last word goals of having the ability to style, build and correct designed biological systems that method info, manipulate chemicals, fabricate materials and structures, turn out energy, offer food, and maintain and enhance human health and our surroundings.