Is personnel management also in the age of AI (artificial intelligence)?

We digitize employee behavior such as working conditions and personnel evaluations and let AI (artificial intelligence) learn them, give optimal workplaces and positions based on the answers derived, and give appropriate evaluations to each employee. Alternatively, introduce AI (artificial intelligence) into recruiting activities. Did you know that such efforts have already begun in companies? Various IT technologies adopted in the field of human resources are called “HR tech”, but in the future, AI (artificial intelligence) will judge all suitable jobs and reassignment to other departments, and the era of deciding personnel may come. not.

Here, I will explain about “HR Tech” that may change personnel management.

What is HR Tech?

“HR Tech” is a coined word that combines Human Resources and Technology. Employment training evaluation placement utilizing AI (artificial intelligence), big data cloud, etc. Furthermore, efficiency of personnel and labor management work including employee health management It refers to all services that improve quality. “HR Tech (Human Resource Technology)” is a solution that incorporates IT technology into the human resources area of ​​a company such as recruitment, training, evaluation, and assignment.

America’s efforts at HR Tech

In the case of the United States

On the other hand, in the United States, companies are introducing HR tech more than in China. For example, most companies in Silicon Valley relied on referrals from employees to hire engineers, but by developing hiring activities using AI (artificial intelligence), they succeeded in acquiring excellent engineers. I went on. As the times progressed, more and more companies were adopting HR Tech as a rational and scientific method for their recruitment activities. Today, companies specializing in HR tech are being created one after another.

What you can do with HR Tech

Labor shortages are a major problem for United States SMEs today. As a company, you want to secure excellent human resources by minimizing the outflow of valuable human resources and the mismatch of human resources at the time of hiring. The use of HR Tech is expected in such fields.

Attendance management of teleworkers

When working from home, the difficulty of labor management and personnel evaluation is often cited as an issue. But by leveraging HR Tech there, you can see when, where, and how your employees work. In addition, by collecting actual behavior data and work history during work and visualizing the actual work situation of teleworkers, it can be used as a material for personnel evaluation.

Copy and paste check of job hunting student entry sheet

In the case of companies that have introduced new graduate recruitment, in order to determine whether or not the text is copied and pasted from the website in response to the motive of aspiration and the answer to the question from the company side from the entry sheet sent during the recruitment activity. HR Tech can be used.

Predict employees who are likely to retire

You can also use machine learning to model in-house personnel data such as employee attribute information, attendance status for the past six months, and whether or not there is a transfer, and data of retired employees to predict employees who are likely to retire. It seems that there are cases where it has become possible to prevent employee turnover by responding to the concerns revealed during interviews with employees who are likely to retire, as pointed out by AI (artificial intelligence).

Preventing talent mismatches during recruitment activities

For example, from the applicants for staff recruitment at restaurants and convenience stores, it is possible to infer and derive people who are likely to work for 3 months or more from the resume and the data of the answers to the questions.  .. In addition, efforts have begun to collect and analyze various human resources data and use it for hiring and deciding where to assign.

Points to keep in mind for personnel evaluation using AI (artificial intelligence)

HR Tech is just one of the tools for personnel evaluation
Corporate affairs has traditionally been an area that is often shunned by companies that actively adopt IT technology. This is because it was difficult to quantitatively measure a person’s ability. Therefore, the current situation is that there are both pros and cons to personnel evaluation using AI (artificial intelligence).

While some people like the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) evaluation as being objective and fair, others are skeptical of the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) judgment. Judgment by AI (artificial intelligence) is the result of analyzing a huge amount of data and can be said to be highly reliable, but it is thought that the process of making a decision is unclear.

In any case, it is important to recognize that HR Tech, which uses AI (artificial intelligence), is just a tool for personnel evaluation.

Handling Personal Information

Not a few employees are reluctant to use HR Tech. When introducing it, the company must explain to employees the necessity and method of collecting various personal information and the purpose of using the collected data, and convince them. In addition, the huge amount of data collected using AI (artificial intelligence) technology such as machine learning may contain information that the employees themselves are not aware of.

When introducing HR Tech, it is necessary to understand the anxieties felt by employees and give due consideration. On top of that, let’s ensure information security for each employee’s personal information.