Tablets are cheaper than PCs, have larger screens than smartphones, and are often used in many situations. Many people want to enjoy the game. However, even if it is just a tablet, the screen size and price vary, so many people may be wondering which one to buy. Here, we will introduce the recommended models of tablets and how to choose them.

What is a tablet?

Tablet is simply a small size PC and large size smartphone with an OS installed. Since the same software as a personal computer can be operated on a tablet, it is a major feature that “Microsoft Office”, which contains multiple sentences such as Word for writing sentences and Excel for spreadsheet software, can be used as it is. Data created on a personal computer can be viewed and edited on a tablet as it is. Depending on the model, there is a model with specifications that are comparable to those of a personal computer, and you can feel the ease of use.

Differences from iPad and Android tablets

The difference between a Tablet and an iPad or Android tablet is the OS installed. The types of applications supported and the functions that can be used differ depending on the OS. The feature of tablets is that you can install applications distributed in the “Microsoft Store” in addition to software for personal computers. In addition, it supports USB connection and Bluetooth connection, and can be used by connecting a mouse, keyboard, printer, etc. for a personal computer.

How to choose a tablet?

Screen size

“8 inches” that is convenient to carry

The biggest advantage of the 8-inch Tablet is that it is small in size, lightweight, and easy to carry outdoors. High-graphic games are not suitable because the processing power of the CPU is low, but it is recommended for browsing e-books and the Internet. Smartphones with large screens are mainly about 6 inches, so if you want to emphasize visibility a little more, a slightly larger 8-inch screen makes it easier to see small characters and illustrations.

“10 inch” with stable basic performance

The 10-inch tablet not only has a large screen size, but also has the advantage of having 4GB of memory capacity and large storage. For those who want stability, we recommend choosing the 10-inch model. In addition, when it comes to this size, there are also 2-in-1 models with a keyboard that can be used like a personal computer, expanding the options for choosing a model.

“12 inches” to choose with emphasis on specifications

The 12-inch tablet is recommended for those who want to enjoy games, videos, and reading on a large screen. You can choose a model equipped with a CPU with high processing power such as a laptop computer or a storage that can read at high speed. It can be used in various situations such as home, school, and business. It is also recommended for those who want comfortable operation and want to emphasize specifications.

CPU (processing power)

The CPU is a part that greatly affects the comfort of a tablet, just like a computer. If you want to play games on a Tablet or want it to run smoothly, choose one with high CPU performance. If you want to focus on price, we recommend Intel’s Atom and Pentium-equipped models, and if you focus on performance, we recommend models equipped with Core i series.


Memory is a part that temporarily stores data, and the larger the capacity, the more stable the operation and smoother reading. We recommend 8GB or more for those who plan to play games, image editing, and illustration production on a tablet, and 4GB or more for those who have a lot of light-duty internet surfing and schedule management.

Storage medium and capacity

When purchasing a tablet, also check the type and capacity of the storage medium for storing data. First, there are low-priced “eMMC” and high-speed “SSD” as data storage media, which affect the time to start software and load data. Also, if you want to carry a lot of large data such as photos and videos, choose a model with a large capacity according to your needs.


If you often carry a tablet, choose a model with a lighter body. Most tablet devices are lightweight, but if they weigh less than 500g, you can carry them comfortably. However, if you carry the tablet as it is, the screen may crack due to impact or pressure, so it is recommended to wear a case that can cover the screen.

Check other features

When you buy a tablet, think about how you will use it after you buy it, and check other features such as the interface. For example, it is recommended to support HDMI for video output because it makes it easier to connect to a monitor or TV and share the screen on a large screen. In addition, if there is a USB port or if it supports wireless connection Bluetooth, you can connect peripheral devices such as a mouse and keyboard for comfortable operation and character input.

Recommended tablets

  1. Mouse computer WN803

A small tablet that weighs only 315g and is attractive because it does not easily exceed 500g even with a case attached.

It uses intel Atom for the CPU and eMMC for the storage, and has a capacity of 32GB, which is a low-priced tablet with sufficient cost performance. It also supports micro HDMI and micro USB, making it suitable not only for carrying around, but also for connecting to peripheral devices at home.

  1. Microsoft “Surface Go 2” TFZ-00011

It is an LTE compatible model that allows you to use the Internet outdoors or on the move by inserting a SIM.

The improved 10.5-inch touch screen delivers a high resolution of 220ppi. It is useful not only for watching videos and movies, but also for creating work documents. The battery can be used continuously for up to 10 hours. Wherever you are, you can communicate using messages and SNS.

  1. Mouse computer “Mouse” ME10cel200801

A tablet with a detachable keyboard that is convenient for children to study at home.

There is a handle on the back of the LCD that can be stored, making it easy to carry. It has passed the drop test from a height of about 76 cm, and the point is that it is hard to break even if it is dropped on a desk or while moving. In addition, a stylus pen that is convenient for handwriting input is included. You can input by handwriting as if you were using a paper notebook. It can be driven continuously for up to 12 hours, so it is also recommended for long-term learning.

  1. Microsoft “Surface Pro X” MNY-00011

This model is equipped with a high-resolution 13-inch display of 2880 x 1920 dots.

Not only can you enjoy photos and videos with beautiful images, but the outline of the characters is clear, so the text is easy to read. Recommended for those who have a lot of research and writing on the Internet. In addition, the rear camera can shoot 10-megapixel still images and high-quality 4K video. The front is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, so you can enjoy high-quality video chat.

  1. Microsoft “Surface Pro 7” VDV-00014

A 12.3-inch large-screen LCD-equipped model that is popular with students and working adults.

You can use it like a laptop by attaching an optional keyboard. The CPU is equipped with intel Core i5, which can meet a wide range of needs such as for home use and business use. You can also use it for illustration production and image editing because it detects 4096 levels of pen pressure when you use the separately sold dedicated Surface pen.