Biological munition

One such experiment occurred in 1950 once a United States Navy ship sprayed billions of small microbes into the atmosphere over an urban center, inflicting a vast upsurge in sickness and doubtless killing one resident. Another came about within the subway system below the big apple town in 1966 once researchers are born lightweight bulbs stuffed with bacterium onto the tracks to check however way the motion of a train would carry these doubtless deadly pathogens.

Subliminal electronic communication

An at one time secret United States intelligence agency document titled “The Operational Potential of imperceptible Perception” describes in precise detail the prescribed methodology for recreation the principles of imperceptible perception to influence somebody to try to do one thing that they sometimes wouldn’t do.

Flying craft Carriers

Recently, however, rumors have surfaced of DARPA’s plans to open up this chapter of yank history and initiate another plan to develop mobile craft carriers for military use. This time, these planned sentinels of the skies would carry drones rather than manned warplanes.

Project Norse deity
Potentially overshadowing the MOAB because the most fatal non-nuclear-weapon within the United States’ arsenal, Project Norse deity may be a technology designed by Boche Pournelle within the Nineteen Fifties that may obliterate enemies with bolts from higher than.

Hugo Chavez brought international attention to the HAARP facility in AK once he suspects us, Air Force of victimization, this high-frequency transmitter array to trigger the 2010 Haiti earthquake. till this time, casting aspersions on this us Air Force analysis station was a pretend pas committed by solely the looniest of foil hatters. Theories concerning the darker aspect of HAARP were purportedly placed to rest once the Air Force declared that this ionospheric analysis advanced would be closing its doors in 2014. Admittedly, it in all probability wasn’t an honest selection from a PR perspective on the part of UAF to choose the unnaturally induced manifestation of a weather development as their initial experiment.