Top 10 gadget every geek should have

In 2020, our lives have changed completely due to the effects of the new coronavirus. In 2021, more and more people will spend more time at home due to working from home or canceling events, and more and more people will enjoy the outdoors such as camping and fishing.

In this article, I will introduce gadgets that every geek should have or sure to be a big success in remote work and private life in Corona. This is a must-see for those who want to spend their time working from home more comfortably, and those who want to enjoy the outdoors and home time to the fullest! Also, gadget geeks should check it out.

What is a gadget?

Gadget means “nice accessory” or “prop” in English.

The “gadgets” that we use in our daily lives are small applications such as “clocks”, “weathers”, and “notepads” that run on the desktops of computers and smartphones, which are also called “widgets”. Also, small electric appliances such as digital cameras, game machines, and smartphones are also called “gadgets”.

Besides that, it seems that small and convenient tools and new tools are often called “gadgets”. In other words, it seems that you can call it a “gadget” by collecting small, convenient and novel tools.

  1. RaceMouse: Travel mouse with laser pointer

Have you ever wondered if there is something better for your mouse? “Race Mouse” may make that wish come true.

RaceMouse has many features such as wireless desktop mouse, aerial mouse, touchpad, laser presenter, universal remote control and much more. You can intuitively perform all operations such as clicking, scrolling, and swiping, so you will be able to use it immediately and improve your work efficiency.

There is no need for a receiver when connecting wirelessly, and it is a nice point to reduce the use of the USB port. The battery has a large capacity that allows continuous operation for 40 hours. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable feel that won’t get tired even after long hours of work.

2. Perfect fit custom earphones made from ear mold ear X

The “custom earphones” that are made according to each person’s ear shape have the impression that they are expensive high-end machines for enthusiasts and professionals. Meanwhile, Edgenity Co., Ltd. has developed a custom earphone “ear X” that even ordinary people can easily make by taking advantage of the recent evolution of 3D technology and lower prices of drivers.

The following three types of drivers are installed in ear X to output sound.

  • It is installed in many general earphones [DD type]
  • It is also used in hearing aids that require delicate sound distinction [BA type]
  • It is also used in the highest peak headphones [ES type]

3. Firefly Jacket” that shines in the dark without the need for a power supply

Introducing the “Firefly Jacket,” a luminous and luminous jacket that informs you of your existence and protects your safety during night running, walking, and bicycle commuting.

The Firefly Jacket has the characteristic that the jacket does not glow by reflection, but glows and emits light by itself. It can store light from any light source such as the sun, smartphone light, flashlights, lanterns, car headlights, camping lamps, etc., and emits light for up to 1 hour. On the other hand, the black line on the jacket has a reflective effect, which keeps you informed of your existence even when it is not phosphorescent and keeps you safe.

4. Weightless backpack has evolved for both ON / OFF! “Able Carry MAX”

The long-awaited new product “MAX” is now available from the popular brand “Able Carry”, which received support of over 5 million yen in the previous crowdfunding.

At first glance, it looks like a normal backpack, but the most distinctive feature is the “weightlessness” that is unique to Able Carry. When I carry my backpack on my back, I feel only half the actual weight. The secret is the uniquely developed strap structure called “A-FRAME” that supports the bottom of the backpack with an A shape and connects it all the way to the shoulders. By pulling the strap, it acts to lift the bottom.

5. Smooth and high-quality writing comfort Black titanium fountain pen

Introducing “stilform INK” from the German writing instrument brand “stilform”, which won the world’s three major design awards for its original design. In overseas crowdfunding, it is a fountain pen that has won more than 20,000 fans from more than 95 countries around the world.

You can choose from two pen materials, aluminum and titanium, and you can customize 112 ways by selecting the body color, nib (nib) material, and nib size. The appearance is also very profound.

6. New generation portable power supply with the highest level of safety

From the global brand “BLUETTI” of portable power supplies that collected about 700 million yen by overseas crowdfunding, a small portable power supply “BLUETTI EB70” customized for Japan has appeared.

The following 3 points are recommended.

  • Small but large capacity (smartphone charging about 60 times / mini refrigerator about 10 hours)
  • Compatible with most electric appliances including precision equipment ・ Compatible
  • with all connection ports
  • Charging is possible in 4 ways (AC / solar / car / (Generator) –Equipped with convenient functions such as eco-mode, large color LCD screen, lighting light, etc.

7. The color changes when you add cold water Chameleon bottle for fun hydration

Introducing a fun chameleon bottle that changes color depending on the temperature.

By adding cold water to this bottle, the color of the bottle changes to a bright color. The color changes depending on the temperature, so you can tell at a glance “cold or warm”. With a capacity of 600 ml, which is useful in every scene, it is very convenient not only for teleworking at home, but also at work and sports. The simple and fashionable design that matches regardless of age or gender is also attractive.

High-grade stainless steel (SUS304) is used inside the bottle body and cap, so you can use it cleanly at any time.

8. Only 4.8 cm thin, palm-sized! Manual press neck pillow

Introducing a neck pillow that is perfect for taking a nap between home work.

A manual type that weighs only 138g and is 4.8cm thick, and is housed in a palm-sized storage case that allows air to enter when used. It is an idea product that the storage case becomes a pump for inflating.

9. Cup warmer with reserved heating and timer

It is said that warming the gastrointestinal tract is very important for maintaining our health. The best way to warm your gastrointestinal tract is to refrain from cold drinks and drink hot drinks. This multifunctional cup warmer is an excellent item that keeps your drink at the right temperature for a long time.

10. Super comfortable! Lightweight vibration hammer

Lightweight vibration hammer stimulates deep muscles, which are difficult for humans to reach, by simply applying it to areas where you feel tension, such as your shoulders and hips. The strength can be adjusted in 3 patterns: weak, medium, and strong, and the built-in AI chip firmly stabilizes the strength of vibration, which tends to change depending on how it is applied.

Equipped with 4 types of heads for use throughout the body, the rechargeable battery has a large capacity, so the battery will not run out during use.

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