From the word “advertisement”, many people think of commercials on TV and posters in the city. In recent years, as the number of users of personal computers and mobile phones has increased, it has become possible to easily access the Internet at any time. In the world of advertising, marketing that utilizes search results on websites, especially search engines and e-commerce sites, has come to be used. In fact, AI (artificial intelligence) is also used here.

This time, I will explain the utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) in the world of advertising.

Show ads only to the targets you want to deliver

When browsing a website, you may have seen various web advertisements displayed at the bottom and right side of the screen. This is because web advertisements that are judged to be of interest or interest are delivered based on the history of browsing and searching websites. Therefore, even if you are browsing the same website, different people will see different web advertisements.

SNS and web advertising

Did you know that most of the revenue from social networking services (SNS) comes from advertising?

From profiles such as age, gender, and place of residence, to articles of interest, friendships, uploaded images and text data, and follow-up trends of companies and shops, all usage data is always out of the question on SNS. All usage data of SNS is used as big data. Advertisements on SNS not only display advertisements according to the user, but also can measure the effectiveness by finely adjusting the content and target of the advertisement, so extremely high advertising effectiveness can be obtained.

AI (artificial intelligence) that improves the effectiveness of online advertising

The ultimate goal of all advertising, whether in commercials, magazines, newspapers, outdoors or on the internet, is to get people to use and purchase products and services. Apart from that, Internet advertising has another purpose of advertising to a specific target. As the number of users increases, the number of companies that utilize Internet advertising will continue to increase.

In order to improve the effectiveness of Internet advertising, many companies use analysis tools to analyze user access data and make various adjustments such as content selection and display timing to find effective advertising methods. It has been adopted. There is a movement to improve the effectiveness of advertising by utilizing AI (artificial intelligence), and the number of companies that have actually started to introduce it has increased. Data analysis and effect measurement can be said to be the specialty of AI (artificial intelligence).

Utilization of AI (artificial intelligence) for advertising that extends to the real world

The points of contact between companies and users, such as physical stores and EC sites, SNS, and catalogs. As the number of smartphone user’s increases, if we can understand when, where, what the user purchased, and even the behavior history in the real world, the advertisement display suitable for the user will be further advanced. Currently, advertisements for yourself are displayed only on websites, but in the future, you may see advertisements for yourself in magazines, commercials, outdoors, etc. in the real world.