10 benefits of writing a tech blog

What is a technical blog?

Many people search the Internet for things they don’t understand, but if you are an IT engineer, you may have solved it by referring to the technical blog. Some of the people who run tech blogs are fledgling technicians, but some are well-known nationwide.

Technology blogs In the early days, IT-related blogs were the mainstream, but recently, technology blogs in other fields have increased. Tech blogs are useful for anyone looking for tech.

How to start a tech blog?

To start a technical blog, you have to find a blog service source. There are paid blogs and free blogs, but paid blogs have a higher degree of freedom. Many people who choose paid blogs tend to want to use their own domain.

But a free blog is a good way to get started. Free blogging can be started as soon as you set up an account, so even people who are not familiar with computers can easily start it.

10 benefits of writing a tech blog

As anyone who has experience with blogging knows, it’s easy to start a blog, but it’s difficult to continue blogging. Although it is such a blog, there are people who have been running it for a long time.There is a strong will to keep the operation going, but the biggest reason is that it has various merits.

Below, I will introduce the merits of writing a technical blog, but if there are any merits that you are interested in, let’s start a technical blog immediately.

  1. Advantages of tech blogs 1: Increased name recognition

Some people aren’t known at the start of a tech blog, but they’re well known on the tech blog.Familiarity is important for freelance technicians.

Running a tech blog can be a sign of trust. Clients may feel a little uneasy about the technical capabilities of the requester, but there are clients who are relieved to see the technical blog.

  1. Technology Blog Merit 2: Leading to Income

If you sell your name on a tech blog, the number of clients will increase, but the income will increase accordingly.Freelancers tend to be worried because their income is low at the beginning, but there will be people who will greatly increase their income because of technical blogs.

People who run tech blogs as a hobby don’t need to be known, but freelancers who don’t have a company sign should work hard to make them known.

  1. Technology Blog Merit 3: Improve your technology

Those who write technical blogs are under pressure. Basically anyone can read the technical blog. However, it takes confidence to expose your technology to many people.

Technology blog operators are required to have unique technology or cutting-edge technology.Providing such technical information requires constant effort. Continuous efforts will steadily improve our technical capabilities.

  1. Technology Blog Merit 4: Get to know the joy of teaching

Some people know the joy of teaching and become teachers, but you can also know the joy of teaching by running a technical blog. There is a comment section on the blog, but if there is a comment in the comment section that says Thank you. Thanks for the solution, it will be exhausted to the operator.

Many technical blog operators check the comments section without fail.The reason is that the content of the comment section is encouraging. People feel great joy when they are thanked by someone.

  1. Technology Blog Merit 5: More opportunities to interact with like-minded people

Many people see technical blogs published on the Internet. Many of the viewers are aspiring to the same path or are following the same path, but blogging with such people can lead to interaction.

In some cases, the exchange is not limited to the comment section of the blog, but extends to off-campus meetings.At the off-party, you can meet face-to-face and have a technical discussion, so the operator can enjoy it purely.

  1. Technology blog advantage 6: Become a company promotion

You should get permission from the company, but some people list the company name in the profile section of the tech blog. People who read technical blogs also notice the name of the company to which the operator belongs.

The more people who read the operator’s profile, the more known the company will be.As a company becomes more well known, it is expected that more people will buy or trade in that company’s products. If such a result is obtained, the operator will be evaluated by the company.

  1. Tech Blog Merit 7: Training when writing a paper book

Anyone can start a blog if they have a personal computer and even an internet connection. But publishing a paper book is difficult. This is because publishing a paper book requires solid writing skills and a unique perspective.

I don’t know a unique perspective, and my writing skills can be improved with effort.If you continue to run a technical blog, your writing skills are likely to improve.The maxim that continuation is power also applies to improving writing skills.

  1. Tech Blog Merit 8: Become familiar with the world of the Internet

If you continue the technical blog, you will become familiar with the world of the Internet. Technical blogs do not consist solely of text. Images may be pasted or the design may be devised. By going through such a process, you will become familiar with the world of the Internet.

Also, some people will learn how to attract customers from running a technical blog.The technologies that support the Internet are wide-ranging, but they will become more detailed as we continue to blog.

  1. Technology Blog Advantage 9: Easy to promote new technology

It’s easy to promote new technologies on technology blogs. Most people who gather on tech blogs are interested in tech.If you publish new technology in front of such people, readers will not only be pleased, but it may be spread on SNS etc.

Promotion is important in any world, but effective promotion is possible by using a place called a technical blog. Some people who run tech blogs consider tech blogs as a means of promotion.

  1. Tech Blog Benefits 10: Income from blogs

Many customers are expected to be attracted depending on the type of technical blog.If you succeed in attracting a large number of customers, you can expect affiliate income.There is no special cost to become an affiliate, just register for free with an affiliate company.

Affiliate products are often posted on IT-related technology blogs, but affiliate results can also be expected in fields such as cooking and languages.

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