1. Charge Your Battery quicker

Place it in heavier-than-air craft Mode 1st. heavier-than-air craft Mode turns off several options of the phone, together with cellular and Wi-Fi networking, therefore there is less for the battery to try and do and it charges quicker.

  1. Closing Apps does not Save Battery Life

You may have detected that quitting apps helps your iPhone battery last longer. regardless of what number individuals say it, it’s merely not true. In fact, quitting apps will really create your battery would like a recharge sooner.

  1. Find the Strongest close Cellular Signal

Talk about a hidden feature! Forget waving your phone within the air and walking around to seek out the strongest cellular signal.

  1. Make a light-weight Blink as a Notification

With this hack, the camera flash on the rear of the phone blinks once you have a replacement notification.

  1. Take Photos With the amount Button

Did you recognize that the sound on the on-screen camera button is not solely thanks to taking photos? there is really a far easier thanks to taking photos quickly, while not gazing or sound at the screen. Once the Camera app is open, click the amount up button and your phone snaps a photograph.

  1. Let Siri assist you Take Photos

Everyone is aware of they will raise Siri queries; however, did you recognize Siri will create taking exposures faster? whereas it cannot really capture the photo, Siri will open the Camera app to the setting that you just arouse, therefore you only got to faucet the camera button (or click the amount button).

  1. Use a Hidden Dark Mode

Dark modes square measure a preferred feature for folks that typically use their devices within the dark. With dark mode enabled your bright iPhone interface switches to dark colors that square measure easier on the eyes in low-light things.

  1. Home button to your screen

Even if you’ve got another model, you would possibly need the choices and practicality of adding a virtual Home button to your screen.

  1. Hidden Shortcuts for Your Favorite Apps

If you’ve got an associate degree iPhone with a 3D bit screen or an associate degree iPhone eleven and up, there square measure shortcuts to common options of a number of your favorite apps hidden within the app icons.

  1. Make Far-Away Icons Easier to achieve

As iPhone screens get larger, reaching icons within the so much corner opposite your hand gets tougher.